Thursday, October 9, 2008

LMFC-The Beginning

The Liverpool Mumbai Fan Club fondly known as LMFC was formed, mainly to provide passionate and fun loving Liverpool FC supporters an ideal place to congregate, watch and support their beloved football team. It all started when a few passionate Liverpool supporters from Mumbai, decided to form a fan club, with an international outlook and based on principles which epitomizes everything the famous football team stands for.

Since the inception of LMFC in June 2008 our fan base has been growing steadily.

There had been various attempts in the past where a few Liverpool fans tried to meet on a regular basis , but nothing materialised .The most successful team in England and maybe even Europe had very little boast about in Mumbai, whereas the likes of Man Utd, Chelsea and Arsenal had fast growing fan bases .

The common meeting point for the Liverpool supporters were social networking websites like Orkut where they would regularly meet up and discuss about their beloved club be it the spectacular wins ,disappointing losses or even take a united stand against the unpopular owners of Liverpool football club. The meetings and interactions in the cyber world never quite materialised into the real world. However this was about to change come, June 2008.

The idea of having a inter- fan club tournament was being floated by the other fan clubs.

This acted as a stimulant for the Liverpool fans in Mumbai who not only loved supporting their club off the field but also loved playing football on the field. So on 1st June 2008, the Liverpool fans met for the first time at Shivaji Park,Dadar where more than twenty fans turned up .Since then there has been no looking back. LMFC football meets happen on every weekend where the members meet and play football

LMFC is a part of the Mumbai Fan Clubs League (MFCL) 2008-09 which features three other fan clubs(MUFCM, CFCM,AMFC)

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Apart from this LMFC organizes live screenings for the Liverpool faithful in Mumbai, who like to cheer everytime their heroes step on the pitch. Recently ,LMFC had organized a joint live screening with MUFCM for Liverpool v/s Man Utd on 13 September 2008, which was a hit with both sets of fans.

Posted by: Mangesh Nadkarni


Manas said...

So glad that LMFC actually exists. There were quite a few attempts made earlier and it didn't work out. Now it is up and running. Being involved with so many Liverpool supporters is a honour. LMFC has become a part of my life.

Anonymous said...

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