Monday, January 5, 2009

Spaceman Spiff...Speaks

Ok, if you're expecting a raving lunatic going ga-ga over Liverpool, then you'll be disappointed as you read further. So, here's the Statutory Warning: Post by a Non-Liverpool/Football Fan. Wearing a Blue tee to a LP match, I think, is proof enough.
So, as I moved my butt through occupied bar-stools, a few tore they eyes off the big screen to give me a dirty look..which said…"Oi! It's Liverpool mate…. Red..not Blue!". Finally into a uncomfy chair, I ordered for a tall .. cool glass of….Ice Tea :P. And without doubt, it was one of the best I've had.
Anyways, by the time I was settled in, Arsenal had scored 1 LP's 0. I won't go through the commentary, or the match highlights, this post isn't about that. This post is about the hooligans that were seated at Irish Pub, Khar, hurling abuses at the opposite team with more fervor than the players themselves.. and a few directed towards the Referee too.
While I am a complete noob when it comes to players and teams, game rules, I am acquainted with. So, it was fairly easy to side with Liverpool once I figured out which jersey was LP's… thirst quenched, I showed off the best of the array of bad words I had for the referee .. He just wasn't strict enough ..bloody bald bugger.
While the match wasn't the best performance by LP afaik, it did show that LP fans in Mumbai do know how to don their sombreros, mouth off the choicest slang, and at the end of the day… have a great time, which also includes singing mundane songs, which made no sense to me…. Remember that movie where first contact is made with the aliens, and communication is done using some mundane tune? Well, yeah.. I felt like the alien from space, only thing was, I simply didn't get what these almost extinct dodo's were trying to say in their whole cacophony of cheering.
All in all… looking forward to the next LFMC meet… till then I'm learning new languages…by which I mean the abuses from those languages of course!

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